Content Generation for Unique Audiences

Authenticity of VOICE

Audience focused content brings authenticity. Authenticity is important because people spot fake fast and they don’t like or appreciate it. 

With targeted content generation, authenticity is demonstrated by showing the audience you know who they are. You respect their emotional intelligence. You know how they express themselves. You are familiar with their core beliefs, values and traditions. 

Authenticity in writing creates credibility and authority of voice. When combined with innovative expression, it drives impact in audience focused content.

TAG creates empathetic content through authentic storytelling, credentialed discourse, and currency of thought and trends.  

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Practice Areas

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Your Audience.
Your Message.
Your Voice.

We write for your target audience and more specifically, a single person in a particular audience group. Our goal is to create compelling, thought-provoking content that engages, informs and motivates an audience.

We thrive when we see content in action. Whether the goal is to increase brand awareness, web traffic, qualified leads or sales, RFP response success, or reposts.

We rejoice when we see content that fosters thought, renews beliefs, and broadens horizons. 

We create high-quality written content. We pursue a research-driven approach. TAG gets real communication results.

How We Work

Our goal is to create compelling, thought-provoking focused content that engages, informs and motivates audiences.

Conversation Icon symbolic of pre-project discussion before audience focused content development begins

We ascertain your content need,  message theme, desired tone, voice, message, keywords, links if any.

Icon of audience for focused content development

We want to know your Target Audience — Demographically, Geographically, Psychographically and Behaviorally to determine what motivates them.

Clock icon indicating On-Demand Delivery of Audience Focused Content

We verify project due dates including time for your review and commentary of developed content.

We guarantee ON TIME DELIVERY.

email icon for quote sent for development of audience focused content

Once we fully understand your content project needs, we quote a price for the work and forward a invoice which initiates project start.

The TAG Difference

We get to know your project’s goal, target audience, message theme and timetable. We conference with you on message Tone , Voice, Style, Keywords, Resources and Links to include.

Once we fully understood your content project, we quote a price for the work. Typically, we work on a project basis. However we quote for maintenance writing or on retainer.

A follow-up email is sent that confirming scope of work and price quote. Once payment is received, content development begins.

graphic of audience development attributes including native english speakers, spanish dialects and asian languages

Who We Are


We love words. We value creativity, message clarity and engagement.

We are SEO-certified writers. Whether it is content for blogs, marketing, or an article, the ability to craft a story is the bedrock of how we generate content.

We are a full-service, comprehensive content generation agency. Our 20+ year legacy of writing content of all types makes us a trusted content partner.