• Why Should My Small Business Advertise?
  • When a company first funds a dedicated program of marketing, it is then that the business has determined to be a serious player in its sector either locally or nationally. Making that decision is often one fraught with anxiety and procrastination. Fixed Priced Campaigns gives the comfort of knowing the exact amount of a financial commitment. Often just knowing is enough to move forward with marketing plans. With TAG’s Media Team, you can be confident that your campaign is in the hands of digital media pros looking to bring you the site or store traffic, the leads, the awareness, the new business to be expected from advertising.

  • Fixed Priced Media Campaign is right for my business?
  • It depends on your business goals. That’s why the Media Order form asks a few but important questions about your business and target audience. More importantly, TAG’s media campaigns are turn-key for you. Set it and forget it. Gone is the worry that might come from going it along. Here are some tactical goals that TAG campaigns can deliver to meet your business strategic needs.





    High Intensity

    Short-Term Promotion



    Short-Term Awareness


    Market Force

    Mid-Term Imprint



    Long-term Presence

    ANNUAL 12

    Market Leader

    Long-term Prime

  • How Do I Complete the Media Order Form?
  • The Media Form was designed to capture limited important information about your target audience as well as your business’ goals for online advertising.

    Tell Us About Your Business or Organization. To plan and buy media on your behalf, it’s important to know a bit about your company and its goals. We ask a few questions that get to the heart of your objective for advertising and who you are as a business.

    Describe Your Product or Service. In order to make the best media decisions, it’s helpful to know a bit what you’re selling. Tell us in a few words (25 or less to be exact) just what your selling. This doesn’t have to be a product. It could be your company’s name, or a featured product or even an esoteric message that brands your businesses individuality.

    Give Us Your Keywords. Keywords are the words and phrases people will use to search for a business like yours. You can provide as many as 15-20 keywords (separated by commas) for your campaign. Be as specific as possible. “find Red Tennis Shoes in Baltimore” is better than tennis shoes.  Need Help? Write SUGGEST in this area and TAG will do the research to find strong keywords for your campaign at no extra cost.

    Tell About Your Target Audience. We need to know about your target audience’s age, income, education, and location. We use that information to pinpoint where your message will be seen and by whom.

    Tell Us What to Say. Complete the simple design order form. Tell us your slogan, headline and key selling message. Less is more in terms of message.  Trust us to edit both your message and images if needed (we’re pros after all) for space, persuasiveness and impact.

    Upload High-Quality Creative. You can upload up to five (5) finished ads to run during your media campaign. You must provide finished ad creative and not primary art elements that need to be designed into ad creative. Images must be high-resolution and meet TAG’s high quality standards.

    If you need ad creative, you can get it free on our Official Stock Photo provider,

    Give Us FTP Authorization If You Like. In order for us to provide reports of how your media campaign performed, Tracking Code must be added to your website’s backend on the Destination URL page you provide to record clicks and site traffic. TAG generates this code and will place it on your website at no extra cost but we need to have FTP (file transfer protocol) authorization. This is a routine webmaster practice of giving a 3rd party access to some parts of your website.  FTP Authorization is not mandatory. If not provided, we will email the tracking code for placement by your own webmaster.  Unless, tracking code is placed, TAG cannot provide Campaign Performance Reports. For assistance with setting up an FTP for TAG, contact your website’s host server (GoDaddy for example).

  • Where is the Media Order Form?
  • The Media Order form can be accessed only after purchase of a media campaign.

  • What Should I Expect?
  • Unlike some other forms of online marketing where the payoff might be negligible or unmeasurable, online advertising is performance information rich. Depending on the media campaign purchased, expect between 1 and 4 quarterly Performance Reports detailing click results and website exposure detail. Expect more site traffic within days. Make sure your website is ready for company and your business is ready with extra inventory and personnel to follow-up on generated leads.

  • Where can I see my ad online?
  • We know it's tempting, but it's best to resist the urge to search for your own ad on search engines like By performing searches that trigger your ad, you rack up impressions without clicks, which can lower your click-through rate, eat away at your budget and prevent your ad from appearing as often as it should. The best way to confirm that your ad is showing for customers (even if you can't see it every time) is review your Performance Reports where you can get information on clicks and websites and engines where your ads appeared.

    Depending on the Media Campaign package purchased,  expect a minimum of one (1) Performance Report and as many as four (4) annually, or one every 3 months.

  • Isn’t this just Google AdWords?
  • It is impossible to do online marketing without tapping into Google’s broad web network. And yes, TAG does utilize Google’s extensive technological platform to plan and buy digital media for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Importantly though, we analyze each campaign’s results with the goal of constantly improving the plan. Advertising is an art not a science. Different keywords, new creative can all help in moving the paradigm directionally forward with thoughtful considerations for refinements in strategy and tactics.

  • I already have an Adwords account. Can I get you to manage it?
  • Absolutely. You need to give us authorization to manage your existing account. It’s very simple. Here’s more information on how to give TAG access to your existing Adwords account.

  • I Don’t have a Paypal Account?
  • And you don’t need one. Paypal lets you use most major credit card securely on all purchases.

  • How can I Contact Support?
  • You can reach Support Desk online via Chat, via email at, or by phone at (800) 446-1005. If you know your Program Administrator’s extension, feel free to contact them directly. Please have your Order # handy.


  • Why do I need Digital Creative?
  • A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s never been truer than in the online world. The internet is full of images. Whole websites are devoted to nothing but images. You can’t effectively do business in a digital world without digital visual communication. People are visual animals. Images enhance and fully deliver a message within a nano-second - often eliciting strong personal emotions that lead to empathy, loyalty and trust. These are the highest goals of big advertising.

  • How easy is it to order a Creative Design for Marketing?
  • Select and Order.  TAG sells 16 static image canvases individually in the most popular Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) sizes and as packaged groups for social media and general business use. Resulting designs are useful in online advertising but also in PowerPoint presentations, proposals, social media posts, and offline in print media. Designs are priced low so visual communication can be a routine part of marketing outreach.

    Tell Us What to Say. Complete the simple design order form. Give us an idea of your rough vision. Compose headline, body text, slogan using a simple HTML editor. If creating online ads, include a display URL if desired. Less is more in terms of text. Trust TAG to edit both your message and all images if needed (we’re pros after all) for space, persuasiveness and impact.

    Upload High-Quality Images. The best quality images are high-resolution. Today, a good digital camera can output a hi-res image but resolution is only part of what makes good art for professional visual communications. Composition, lighting and subject are important elements as well. That’s why stock images created by professional photographers are often used because these other elements have been given primary consideration.

    Expect Delivery in 3 Days.  With the fast pace of business, sometimes even three (3) days is just too long. Be patient. 3 Days is super fast though for design of this quality. 

  • What if I don’t like my design?
  • Every design order is handled by a talented creative designer whose job is to interpret and enhance your vision. Every design is unique, custom and created to be eye-catching.

    Images are powerful but creative art is subjective and personal. Every order comes with the option to request one (1) revision using the same primary image elements originally submitted and within three (3) days of initial delivery. Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed.

  • What if I don’t have primary images?
  • TAG wants to make creating your new digital creative effortless. It takes primary images such as your logo to creative a new design. If you don’t have primary images, TAG does image search for a nominal hourly fee. You complete a short form in a live session. Then we select 6-8 image options and you select the finalists. The cost of this service is billed separately. All images are non-royalty so you pay only once for unlimited usage. Contact Us to discuss accessing this service.

  • What if I don’t have a logo?
  • Don’t worry. TAG can graphically render your company’s name in pleasing fonts and colors if needed to give you a logoed look for your design.

  • Where can my digital art be used?
  • Digital creative can be used in print media such as newspapers and magazines, presentations, on social media pages and of course, online advertising.

  • How are you able to offer such low prices for professional high quality graphic art design?
  • TAG has cut out the middle men in marketing. Gone are the charges for the expensive overhead and layers of expensive talent that have traditionally made the cost of professional creative services out of the reach of small businesses.

  • How can I Contact Support?
  • You can reach Support Desk online via Chat, via email at, or by phone at (800) 446-1005.


  • Why Get a Site Tune-up?
  • To improve basic searchability, a website must comply with evolving best practices that effect search engine rank. Depending on the age of the website, it could be missing updated best practices for SEO (search engine optimization). This is not marketing SEO but Technical SEO. TAG performs on-page technical SEO tasks that can improve your site’s ability to be found organically in search page results. These are technical fixes, file inclusions and other requirements that aid compliance with the latest changes and general best practices.

  • I’ve Purchased the Tuneup Service. What’s Next?
  • A Program Administrator will contact you shortly to discuss next steps to get your SEO Tuneup service underway. We need FTP Authorization to access your website’s backend and depending on the site’s size could take from 3-5 days to complete.

  • How Can I Contact Support?
  • You can reach Support Desk online via Online Chat, by email at, or call us (800) 446-1005.


  • How do I cancel automatic billing?
  • Contact Customer Service with your order# and email address. You can reach the Support Desk via Online Chat, by email at,   or call us (800) 446-1005.

  • Can I get a Refund?
  • For Creative Design, unfortunately you can’t. TAG’s low customer design prices and accelerated delivery prevents us from offering refunds. For Media Campaigns, AD Blaster orders are Final and not subject to refund with 15 days of Program Start Date. All other campaigns are fully refundable within 15 days of Program Start and all future billing cancelled. Additional charges may apply. Please see complete terms in our Purchase Policy

  • Where can I see past orders?
  • Your order history can be accessed by login to MY ACCOUNT. If you've forgotten, your login details, you can retrieve them by logging in to LOST PASSWORDS. TAG is working hard to bring you a quality buying experience. Your order record may be viewed in its entirety.