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Your Audience. Your Message. Your Voice.

TAG develops audience-focused content in 8 practice areas. These broad areas cover the spectrum of writing genres.  Before we begin content development, a dedicated manager discusses your project. We ask questions across six areas of written expression. As a result, satisfaction with the final outcome is ensured.

As TARGET AUDIENCE specialists, TAG gathers as much info on your audience as you can provide. We also do our own discovery research. By going the extra mile, our content engages, informs, emotes and entertains. Native English Speakers generate content for four audience groups – Women, Professionals, Youth and Multicultural Groups

Audiences are not homogenous.  For example, Women as a target audience can differ greatly. Depending on age, race, income, education and more. Recognizing those differences allows TAG to craft nuanced content that resonates.

Professionals demand content that is authoritative and credible.  They want sources cited and terminology correctly used. They appreciate insights that show you value their time. 

Multicultural groups have different cultures, traditions, heritages, and languages.  TAG creates audience-focused content for African-American, Asian and Hispanic audiences.  Within those groups, segments differ demographically, geographically, and psychographically.  Subtle word clues let them know you know who they are.

The more we know about your audience, the better the content developed.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Project and Get A Same-Day Quote.

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